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Nonbinary Quotes

These are quotes taken from various sources within the Doctor Who universe, compiled by the excellent acewyrds, in this post. I prettied them up a bit and posted them here.



“‘Can I ask you something personal?’ he said.
I.M. Foreman nodded. ‘I warn you, though. If it’s anything to do with how I got this body, the details are going to be messy. You’ve never been a woman, have you?’
‘I’m not sure I’ve ever even been a man. That’s not what I was going to ask.’”
---Eight, Interference Book One

~ * ~

“Once, there was a man called the Doctor, although he was not precisely a man and that was not his real name.”
---Eight, The Slow Empire

~ * ~

“The Doctor raised his eyebrows. 'But I’m not a man.’
Sam opened her mouth to speak, then shut it again.
He continued, 'I’m not even human. Not even close. Not unless you count the ears.'”
---Eight, Beltempest


“‘Mister… sir… ’ It was a small woman, probably in her late fifties.
‘Doctor,’ he corrected her.”
---Eight, The Gallifrey Chronicles

~ * ~

The Doctor: I never said you couldn’t. I’m the Doctor, by the way. 
Astrid: Astrid, sir. Astrid Peth. 
The Doctor: Nice to meet you, Astrid Peth. Merry Christmas. 
Astrid: Merry Christmas, sir. 
The Doctor: Just Doctor, not sir.
---Ten, Voyage of the Damned

~ * ~

[Amy leans on console flirtily, the Doctor reaches past her, hits a lever, steps away]
Amy: Oh typical bloke, straight to fixing his motor.
The Doctor: That’s the thing Amy, I am not a typical bloke.
---Eleven, Meanwhile in the TARDIS 2
(also falls under “no allo”)

~ * ~

Doctor: That’s not what I’m like.
Amy: Then what are you like?
Doctor: I don’t know. Gandalf. I’m a space Gandalf, or the little green one in Star Wars. [makes lightsaber noise]
Amy: You really are not. You are a bloke.
Doctor: I’m the Doctor.
---Eleven, Meanwhile in the TARDIS 2

~ * ~

“He stared at her almost hypnotically. ‘I promise you, I will not allow Haldoran to harm you again.’
Donna faltered. ‘I know better than to trust the word of any man ever again,’ she said bitterly.
‘Don’t,’ the Doctor agreed cheerfully. ‘Trust the word of a Time Lord.’”
---Eight, The Legacy of the Daleks

~ * ~

Spurrina: No man is allowed to enter the Temple of Sybil!
The Doctor: Oh that’s all right. [shrugs] Just us girls.
---Ten, The Fires of Pompeii



“'He can’t help what he is. His gender is alien, but intransigent. The cosmos is guided by male and female impulses - quite separate…’  
'That’s crap!’ Sam shouted. "The Doctor isn’t your average man, at all. I don’t think he even has a gender. How can you - whoever you are - pontificate on what he’s like? He’s private. He’s untouchable.'” 
---Eight, The Scarlett Empress

~ * ~

Rose: Okay, so he’s vanished into thin air. Why is it always the great looking ones who do that?
The Doctor: I’m making an effort not to be insulted.
Rose: I mean, men.
The Doctor [sarcastically]: Okay, thanks, that really helped.
---Nine, The Doctor Dances
(??? bad evidence, but a reference to nine’s perception of their gender + implies rose doesn’t see them as man, at least not in the traditional sense? if that’s relevant at all)

~ * ~

Clara: Go home. Go be a king or something.
The Doctor: Yeah, I might do that.
Clara: Or queen, you know. Whatever.
The Doctor: Yeah, queen, that would be good too.
---Twelve, Death in Heaven


Charley: Another wonderful opportunity to wear a nice dress.
The Doctor: That’d be a bit conspicuous, wouldn’t it?
Charley: An opportunity for me.
---Eight, Seasons of Fear pt.3
(this one's iffy but it honestly doesn't sound like he’s joking and i think its cute so)


Panna: Impossible. Was he present when you opened the box?
The Doctor: Yes. Most enlightening.
Panna: What’s he babbling about? No male can open the Box of Jhana without being driven out of his mind. It is well known. 
---Five, Kinda



“The Doctor is mysterious! He’s a Time Lord, he’s not a guy! He’s a special creature. I don’t even know if he even has a corporeal being! He presents this to everyone, but he may exist in a totally different plane. He’s not a guy!”
---Peter Capaldi, 2015 Comic Con


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